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Our Australian mobile app development team based in Perth have a passion for building only the best mobile apps. We build apps for both the Apple and Android mobile platforms.
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Mobile App Development Perth

Do you have an app idea for a native mobile application? A new product, or something to assist your business? Want to work with a proudly 100% local Australian team of mobile application developers in Perth?
Then you are in the right place. Our mobile app development services include the custom design and development of beautiful user friendly native mobile apps right here in Perth. We provide: iPhone app development; Android app development; and Windows app development services.

What is the difference between a native mobile app and a web app ? A native mobile app is available from the Apple or Google app stores; it needs to be built specifically for each platform (so if you want your mobile app on both Android and Apple platforms then our developers will need to build it twice); can run offline when there is no phone reception; it does not run in a web browser; supports notifications which a web app cannot. If you aren't sure whether you need a native mobile app or a web app developed, then we can advise on the most suitable option to meet your needs.

Our mobile app development is done by our team here in Perth, where we build high quality iPhone apps, Android apps, iPad apps, Android tablet apps, as well as smart watch apps. We use the best technologies available (today thats React Native which is a cross platform development technology) that result in mobile applications that are well built, fast, and can be extended with new features as your needs grow and change.

Our app developers can also build any backend systems, online portals, websites, web applications, databases, or software integrations you need to support your mobile app.
Contact us to discuss your project with our mobile app developers in Perth.
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Mobile Apps - A dose of Reality

There is no point beating around the bush, native mobile app development is expensive. Even the most basic of apps are labour intensive to develop. If you are going to have a mobile app developed then you need to go in with your eyes wide open.
So why are they so expensive? Well its purely down to the number of hours required to build the app. So where does the time go (time drives cost):
  1. User Interface design - this can be days, weeks, or even months of effort
  2. Technical design - for anything more than a basic app the technical design will take at least a week
  3. Development/Coding - the more refined the app is, the more hours required to code the app. If the mobile app needs to be available across both Apple and Android devices then its almost double the development effort (hours). Its common for a mobile app to require 400+ hours of coding time, extending into 1,000's of hours if the app is large scale or complex.
  4. Testing - testing of a mobile app needs to be very thorough, as releasing fixes is slow and time consuming. Testing needs to ensure every feature, scenario or path through an app has been validated. This needs to be repeated for different model phones, screen sizes, and platforms (Android and Apple). This is generally in the hundreds of hours of effort.
  5. Deployment to App Stores - once your app is built it needs to be released to Apple or Google for approval before being available in the apps stores. This is not a quick 1 hour job, it usually takes days.

Once your app is live it needs to be maintained which is an ongoing investment in your mobile app. The below list explains why maintenance is so critical:
  • Bug fixes. Yep users will manage to break your app. Have a look at the release history for some of your favourite apps and you will see almost constant bug fix releases.
  • Apple or Android enforced upgrades. Its common for Apple and Android to remove lower level technical support. This usually means recoding parts of an app to use the platforms now preferred approach.
  • New models of phones or new versions of operating systems
  • New features
  • Technical libraries used to build your app go out of date rapidly. Its not uncommon to be adding a new feature to an app, only to realise that the technical libraries in use need to be upgraded. The upgrading of the libraries can frequently require more effort than adding the feature.

You should budget at least 20% of the original mobile app development cost for maintenance each year just to keep the app fresh and alive.

And the question everyone asks us, how much to develop a mobile app. Well if you are lucky and your app is very simple and only needed on a single platform (ie. just iPhone) then it could be around $20,000 to $30,000. But that is generally not the case. Most of the time mobile apps cost more than $100,000.

Still interested, then we would love to talk to you. Contact us to discuss your mobile app needs. We can also advise whether a web app could be more suitable for your situation.

We are an Australian company, our team of mobile app developers and designers are here in Perth. So you can rest assured your mobile app (your Intellectual Property) will be developed safely here in Australia. We will not off-shore any work, so you can come into our office and talk to our team face to face.