A database is key to all businesses (whether its an Excel sheet, MS Access, or SQL). But frequently they are stuck behind old fashioned interfaces, or just built in out-dated or no longer fit for purpose technologies. We specialise in web database solutions. Our focus is on intuitive, great looking databases that you can access from anywhere.
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Custom built databases
We create databases for small businesses through to large enterprises using modern highly reliable and scalable technologies including Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Microsoft .NET, and Microsoft Azure (cloud), or Amazon Web Services (AWS).
Our custom designed and built cloud databases allow you to unlock your data: to be more efficient; reduce errors; increase sales; improve management; and make more money.
We specialise in developing cloud databases that you can securely access from any desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone. Usability is critical, so we take the extra time to ensure your custom built database is intuitive and easy to use.