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Our local Perth team of web and mobile app developers have a passion for working with the latest modern technology, striving to make complex things simple. We work across all industries and provide app development services which cover web apps, pc apps, business apps, customer apps, cloud apps, and native mobile apps.
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Web App Developers

Technology has come a long way in the last 10 years. The types of web apps our developers can build today would have been impossible (or cost prohibitive) 10 years back. Today our Perth team can make a web app do pretty much anything a native mobile app or old windows software could have done.

So what is a web app? A web app is a piece of software that runs in a web browser and can thus be used on any modern device including smart phones, tablets, and computers. A web app could have a full scale database behind it, can push/pull data using api's, or even communicate with remote devices or sensors.

At Redi Apps we believe if you can imagine it, then odds are we can turn your idea into reality using modern web technologies. The Redi Apps team of user interface designers, software architects, developers and testers can do amazing things with web apps.

Our team of web application developers specialise in custom building amazing looking and easy to use Web Applications (cloud based, or locally hosted) for Australian businesses of all sizes, from startups through to large corporations. Our app development team can custom develop a web app for almost any purpose including: running your business; data visualisation; dashboards; replacing spreadsheets; custom ERP systems; custom CRM systems; controlling IoT devices; general databases; job management; client services; etc.

We can help you with all aspects of a new web application including: strategy; architecture; user interface design; technical design; software development; implementation; and ongoing support and maintenance. We are your tech advisor.

Redi Apps is an Australian company, all of our web app developers are here in Perth. So you can rest assured your web app (your Intellectual Property) will be developed safely here in Australia. We will not off-shore any work, so you can come into our office and talk to our team face to face.

Contact us to discuss your app needs. We can provide advice on what type of app would best meet your needs.
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Progressive Web App Development

A Progressive Web App (or PWA) is a modern step forward from a standard web app, providing capabilities that make it a serious alternative to a native mobile app. Here are some of the key features of a PWA:
  1. Performs like a standard web page in the browser
  2. Ranks with search engines, so can be found in Google search
  3. Ability to operate both offline and on poor network connections. A PWA can store data locally on an internal database and synchronise that data with a cloud server when it has an internet connection.
  4. Can be added to your devices home page (just like a mobile app)
  5. Push notifications support (except iPhone)
  6. Support for older devices by gracefully degrading features
  7. Fast great user experience like native mobile apps
  8. Avoids the very crowded Apple and Android app stores
  9. Updates delivered automatically without having to go through app store approval processes. This not only saves money but also allows you to respond much faster to user requests or issues.

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Technology Experts

To develop web apps (including progressive web apps) we have a standard set of technologies we are experts in. To be experts in any technology you need to use it across a broad range of projects over many years. We are experts, our application developers have done the hard yards with many years experience in app development using modern technologies.
  • .NET Core (C#) - Microsoft technology powering the backend of software globally
  • React JS - Javascript framework developed by Facebook
  • Angular JS - Javascript framework developed by Google
  • SQL Server - Microsoft relational database
  • Azure - Microsoft cloud platform
  • AWS - Amazon cloud platform
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Mobile App Development

Need a native mobile app that is available in the Apple and/or Google Play app stores. Our application developers are experts at building both web and mobile apps. In fact our favourite mobile app technology React Native is similar to ReactJS which we use for web apps. See our Mobile App Development page for more details.