A visit from the Mayor

Andrew Miles



The Mayor of Joondalup took some time out of his busy schedule recently to stop by the Redi Apps office to congratulate two local businesses who have partnered together, Redi Apps & TTM.

Redi Apps are doing great things in the start-up space, having recently partnered with a couple of dentist entrepreneurs set to revolutionise the way people choose and book a dentist appointment.

This new platform will aid both the dentistry practice and the patient providing a quick and easy way to both find and book a dentist appointment within your local area.

Redi Apps were successful outbidding a number of local software development companies as well as bidders from overseas.

Redi Apps fully understand the challenges of start-ups and is well positioned to offer a very cost effective model in which start ups can get their project off the ground in order to go to market or access funding through third party investors.

To give the start up the best chance of securing investment, we can tailor a web app/prototype that can demonstrate to potential investors that you have a solid business plan that gives them a reason to want to invest in your business.

With no obligation come and talk to us about your idea and see if we are a good fit for your business. Call Andrew on 0419 870 182

Andrew Miles

Business Development Manager, Redi Apps