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We are a custom software development company in Perth Western Australia (based in Joondalup). The Redi Apps software development company consists of architects, UI/UX designers, software developers, and quality assurance testers who are passionate about delivering the most amazing software systems to our customers. The difference between what we deliver and what other software companies in Perth build is huge. Our Perth team goes the extra mile to ensure your software is a joy to see and use.

The Redi Apps company (originally Redi Software Solutions) was founded in 2010 by Paul Redfern, after noticing a lack of quality, easy to use web-based software being offered by software companies in Perth. Development companies were focusing on easy to use mobile apps and neglecting web based software. Web apps (databases) are often used by staff and clients all day every day, so they should be just as easy to use and deserve the same focus.

Today Redi Apps focus is on building the best software possible using modern software development technologies such as ReactJs, Angular, .Net, SQL Server, and React Native. We make use of modern cloud, devops, and agile techniques combined with over 30 years experience in delivering software projects.

We are proudly a 100% Australian company, with all of our work done here in Perth. We do not offshore projects, so you can rest assured your project, IP (intellectual property), source code and ideas are safe. We feel very stongly that a local Australian development team is critical to successfully delivering projects to our clients.

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Photo Paul Redfern
Paul Redfern
Paul is one of Perth’s leading software development experts with 30 years experience in strategy, architecture, design and software development solutions. Paul's vast range of experience covers systems both large and small, complex and simple. His software industry experience is across finance, banking, and manufacturing.

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The Team
Redi Apps is a 100% Australia based software company in Perth, with our entire team based up in Joondalup. Our team is the perfect mix of UI/UX designers, full stack software developers, software architects and QA testers. Everything a Perth based software development company needs to deliver the most amazing software solutions to our Australian customers.